Buying a gate for many people is simply about choosing one that looks good and fits their budget because it’s assumed that they are all built the same. This is where most people get their purchase wrong and even the subsequent installation. Even though there are dozens of different types of gates being sold today the regular home or business owner knows little about their benefits. At times people even buy expensive gates thinking that it’s all they need to do to boost security when this may not always be the case. At Menolotto Fencing we advice that people first understand their security needs prior to buying Strathfield gates. The advantage of this approach is that they will start off with the right gate which they can then hire a professional to install.

What Makes a Gate Good?

There are a number of factors which makes it easier for you to determine if a gate you’re purchasing is good. The first is the durability factor which needs to be very seriously considered. The more durable the gate is the longer it will last and so the return on your investment will be significant. The other factor is the size of the gate. Even though you may think that the larger a gate is the better it can be this is not always the case. Larger gates are usually heavier which can make installation difficult and put undue stress on your entrance’s boundary wall causing it to weaken over time. So, the size should be determined based on the overall structure and security requirements. The third factor worth considering is material. Though metal is the material of choice it is available in varying thicknesses. Generally speaking a thicker metal gate is better than one which is thin but a thicker gate will also be heavy.

Gates Strathfield Experts

At Menolotto Fencing we have been installing, selling and customizing gates since 2006.  We strongly advice that people who are considering getting a gate installed speak to us about it. We can use our experience and understanding of all the various types of gates we have to provide them with the best one. To find out more about our gates Strathfield services please call 0413 066 610 or fill out our online form.

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