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Fencing is easily one of the oldest and most common ways to keep trespassers out of one’s property. In case you are a business owner, you must be aware of the security threats that could occur as a result of uncontrolled trespassing. The simplest way to solve the issue is rather obvious – install commercial fencing surrounding the property. At Menolotto Fencing, we have more than two decades of experience in delivering a variety of fencing solutions. Our team can easily come up with suitable commercial fencing Sydney for your business.

What makes commercial fencing special?

In case you weren’t aware of it already, do note that commercial fencing is of a much higher grade than residential fencing. This is why, if you are trying to protect your business assets, you need to specially arrange for Australian commercial fencing from a reputed company.

So, what makes commercial fencing better? Well, fences designed to protect commercial assets are generally much stronger and well-reinforced. Compared to residential fencing, commercial fencing has larger rails and pickets, thicker material and more support ribs.


What’s the best commercial fencing material?

We offer a variety of high-grade materials for commercial fencing purposes. You would have to choose the best one based on your needs and your budget. The materials we use for commercial fencing Sydney include:

  • Wood: Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, wood is one of the most popular fencing materials. Especially if you want privacy for your business and would like a solid fence around it, our wooden commercial fencing Sydney would be perfect for you. Worried about the durability of wood out in the open? Well, at Menlotto Fencing, we pressure-treat pine and cedarwood boards to make them especially resistant to weather elements.
  • Chain-link: Looking for reliable Australian commercial fencing at a budget-friendly cost? Chain-link is one of the most affordable commercial fencing materials. While it lacks the privacy protection of a wooden fence, a chain-link fence can be quite strong and offer excellent security against trespassers.
  • Iron: One of the best ways to build customized fencing around a property is to use an iron fence. Iron offers superior strength and durability, and is a good choice if you are trying to enhance the property’s security significantly. Moreover, we can custom design your iron fence the way you want it to be, and even provide matching gates.
  • Vinyl: If you seek a low-maintenance and affordable option, go for our vinyl fencing. While Vinyl isn’t as strong as metal or wood, it’s surprisingly cheap and resistant to damage from environmental elements. We could also customize your vinyl commercial fencing to provide added privacy or enhance the looks of your property.
  • Specialty fencing: We can go to great lengths to provide our customers with exactly what they need. In case you are looking for Australian commercial fencing from a specific manufacturer, let our team at Menlotto Fencing know and we’ll arrange for it. We can even custom fabricate different types of fencing for you, including pipe railing, welded wire fence, louvered fence and architectural grills.

Hence, you may rest assured that when it comes to choosing the right material for commercial fencing Sydney, your options are plenty. We can provide you with fencing solutions that suit your needs perfectly, and even create custom fencing if needed.

Why is Australian commercial fencing necessary?

In case you are wondering if Australian commercial fencing is really necessary, you should consider the perks of having a well-fenced property. These include:

  • Security: This is obviously the key reason why you should install commercial fencing Sydney. A fence helps prevent theft and vandalism, thereby protecting the property and various equipment crucial to your business.
  • Privacy: For certain businesses like law firms, privacy is extremely crucial. In case you have any expensive equipment on the property, chances of theft are much higher in case outsiders notice the equipment. A solid fence wall can effectively keep out prying eyes.
  • Appearance: Installing commercial fencing Sydney around your property can also enhance its appearance and curb appeal. This, in turn, would give people a better impression of your business. A well-designed and elegant fence can make your business look much more professional.

We, at Menolotto Fencing, are one of the best Australian commercial fencing companies. If you want to get high-quality and reliable commercial fencing installed, call us at 0413 066 610 or fill up this contact us form.

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