When people invest in the most expensive fencing or thick walls that work as a security barrier for their property, the fact is that these are only as good as the gates installed. In Penrith gates need to be some of the most secure and durable if the boundary or fencing is to successfully keep intruders out. Yet at the same time every gate needs to be functional and easy to operate. There is no point having a 200lb gate for which you need a couple of employees to open and close every day. However, you can have a heavy gate if its automated, and ties directly in with other components of the security system. At Menolotto Fencing we specialize in installing, selling and building some of the toughest and functional gates for home and business owners.

Custom built gates Penrith

Even though there are numerous types of gates out there the fact is that at times a gate will need to be custom built. There are a number of reasons why a gate will need to be custom built which includes having a gate which is of a particular thickness, the gate needs to be of a particular shape or a special material needs to be used. At Menolotto Fencing we have some of the most experienced gate builders who will build just about any type of gate based on your specifications.

Our Penrith gates use only the very best materials

We know that the only way Penrith gates will work as an active deterrent to potential intruders is if it’s really durable. The same principle applies to gates for homes. It is for this reason that every gate we design and build is from the best materials and is done by experts. The objective for us is to make sure that the end result is a gate which is easy to maintain, keeps intruders at bay and yet delivers years of service life to the owner.

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