Gates have been in use for centuries by home and business owners to protect their property and personal belongings from intruders. However, the technology behind designing and manufacturing some of today’s toughest and most popular gates has changed over the past couple of years. Today unlike in the past manufacturers rely heavily on computers, laser cutters and special metals to ensure that their gates not only provide excellent projection but also that they last longer. But buying the latest Castle Hill Gates is only one half of the problem, the other half is getting them installed by a team of highly experienced professionals. This part can be easier said than done especially if the gate requires a special installation or is heavier than the what the wall it’s going to be attached with can handle. As experts Menolotto Fencing we strongly advice that people speak to us so that we can find the best possible solution based on their budget and needs.

A wide selection of high quality gates

At Menolotto Fencing we have the widest selection of security and entry gates in the country. We can also customize and custom tailor gates to meet special needs all the while ensuring that the end result is an extremely durable gate. That said all gates Castle Hill that we customize or sell is backed by a solid warranty to ensure that our clients’ investment is always safe. Plus, the return on their investment over a period of years is much higher as compared to if they bought any other type of gate. Our keen eye for detail, professionalism and the fact that nobody understands gates better than us has made our services the default choice for many home and business owners across the city.

Professional gates Castle Hill installation

In addition, to selling some of the best Castle Hill gates we also provide expert installation services. The goal with our installation services is to ensure that the gate our client has invested in provides them with the maximum protection possible by using only the very best methods and materials.

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