Getting a gate installed or buying a gate is one of the first things that people think of when they imagine improving the security around their property’s perimeter. Even though installing a gate is one of the most common responses to a threat or even a recent event, the fact is that a gate or any gate for that matter is only as good as the way it has been installed and built. The mistake people make is they choose cheap Alexandria gates because they assume that all gates are pretty much the same.

At Menolotto Fencing we strongly advise against people choosing a gate based on its price but rather it should be chosen based on its utility and durability. It is for this reason that we try to find out exactly what type intrusion and property the gate is going to be guarding against and then recommend a gate accordingly. The upside to this approach is that it allows us to use our years of experience and knowledge of various types of gates to recommend one that is best suited to our client’s situation.

Expert Alexandria Gates installation

There are dozens of gates Alexandria installed every year across the country but a security gate, an entrance gate or domestic gate regardless of how expensive it may be is only good if its installed correctly i.e. no weaknesses. People who are installing gates for security reasons need to understand that most intruders are professionals and so they know how to get around and find flaws in an installation. This is why at Menolotto Fencing when we install a gate it is done in a way so that there are no weak points to exploit. This means that the gate does its job!

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