Fences have traditionally been built to keep intruders out of private property. However, over the years there were a number of different types of fencing developed each with a specific purpose in mind. While most fences are still erected to keep intruders out they have to be durable and most of all look good. At Menolotto Fencing in Parramatta our fencing is often considered to be one of the best if not the best in the city. This is primarily owing to the fact that our fences are built from the highest quality metals and raw materials, then they are erected by experts who have been in the industry for decades.

An array of Parramatta fencing solutions

At Menolotto Fencing Parramatta we believe in offering people variety so that they can choose what fence they want around their property. We currently network with a number of different suppliers and professionals to ensure that the fences we provide are always of the highest quality. We can also provide people with fencing options based on their needs, for instance some people may require 20 feet high fencing to keep out animals and human intruders alike, while some of our other clients will benefit best from a 10 feet high wire fence. As Parramatta fencing experts we can also custom build a fence based on our clients’ needs.

Let us build your fences

We have been building some of them most durable and beautiful fences since 2005. We are highly efficient and are also known undertake just about any type of fencing job regardless of size or type. We offer a number of fencing options which include cricket nets, decorative tube fencing to warehouse wire fencing among numerous others. Every fencing type can be custom built and erected based on your needs. This ensures that even if you own a warehouse we have the right fencing solution for you, that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

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